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August 09, 2005



Whenever I think that for example, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea for state govts to require that homeschoolers be tested one a year to make sure they're at least receiving some basic level of eduation, I think about cases like this where govt manages to take its enforcement of something like a "no wild drunk kids killing people on the roads" policy to this extreme. Isn't there some natural electoral check for this kind of stupidity? How could any D.A. who prosecutes a case like this get reelected? Or for that matter any judge who finds these people guilty? Aargh. You give 'em an inch, they take a mile.


you do find many cases where parents have allowed people to drink at their house- and something does happen- who is responsible in these cases?

by allowing teenagers to drink at someone's house is giving them permission to drink. and at what age? are you saying that it's alright for a 13y/o to drink at someone's house-if they arnt going out? or 15? also how much are they drinking? are they having a beer while watching a game? or are they taking this permission as "drink to get drunk"?

what about smoking pot? it's against the law- but so is drinking- you think it's alright if your kid is smoking pot at someone's house? or cocaine? oxycodone?

the real concern is in the behavior it teaches- is a teenager going to commit to staying in allnight if they can have one beer? or are they going to rationalize the trade off as- "im going to drink to make this worth it"?

and what happens if some kid ends up drinking themselves into a coma/death? who is then responsible?

in many cases where this has made local/national news- it is clear that other parents are not aware that their children are being served- given permission by someone else.


If they had permission from every attendee's parents there shouldn't be any problem. It's not clear that they had this in this case but if they did, they should be fine. And clearly the punishment here doesn't fit the crime. No way they should have been sent to jail for this.


you have 200 kids at your house- you have an open bar- how do you expect to keep these kids from leaving? You would have to be an idiot to host a party where you expose yourself to such liability. "permission"? bull, one of those kids gets into an accident- drinks themselves into a coma- you know who is going to get sued? the idiots who think they are the 'cool' parents.

maybe the threat of jail will be enough to prevent other people from doing something so stupid. if people are going to break the law, they must be willing to suffer the consequences.

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