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July 20, 2005



If you want to see a good example of some heavy anti-white male prejudice, watch just about any kids movie about team sports from the nineties. The underdog protagonist team will undoubtedly have females and minorities, with the enemies being all white male. It's ridiculous when you see it for the extreme racism that it is.


Sports movies... breakfast cereal commercials... It's everywhere. It's such an obvious cliche.

I remember in high school my college counselor kept a count of how many "United Nations photos," as he called them, appeared in each college's brochures. His theory was that you could judge the severity of a college's liberal political climate by counting the number of times they went out of their way to print multiethnic co-ed groups of students in obviously staged pictures.


Private discrimination *can* be perfectly well justified. I would be happy to have my college break admissions ties by race. I agree that anything govt. related should be purely race blind, but not private entities.

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