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July 25, 2005



You don't think that 5 shots to the head after they had already tackled the guy is a bit excessive? Well I do.

Also, I'm sure you also love the random searches they've instituted in NYC's subways too and the proliferation of cameras that I'm sure will follow.


While we're on the subject of police brutality, check this out: http://www.rush.com./php/news_pop.php?id=13.


True, five shots to the head is probably four in excess, under any circumstances.

I don't know that the first shot was unjustified. It depends on the details of the situation like any other incident where police use force. I'm inclined to give the officers the benefit of the doubt and assume, for now, that they shot him because they perceived an imminent threat, and not because of of revenge or racial hatred.

My beef is with the Muslim pressure groups playing the discrimination/racial-profiling card, as well as their revealing selectivity as to which London subway deaths they express disapproval of.


While I think Muslims groups have every right to be outraged at this particular shooting and being singled out in general, one thing I think you and every american has a right to be outraged about is how we don't hear Muslim groups being the *most* outraged at terrorist violence directed at innocent westerners of any creed. Were a group of people committing violence against innocent people in my religion's name, I'd make speaking out against them louder than anyone else and trying to help anyone bring them to justice. I think Muslim groups ought to put a lot more effort into that and I think we both agree on that point.

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